Training classes are currently offered at Kankakee, Gilman and Frankfort facilities.

Training Classes offered

Private Training
*Individual sessions and packages available with evaluation and training plan consult

STAR Puppy 101
Recommended age 4-6mos

  • Includes AKC STAR Puppy testing at end of 6 weeks
  • Foundation skills for shaping behavior with positive reinforced marker training
  • Develop handler skills and build focused bond with your puppy
  • Learn skills to train through social distractions
  • Environmental exposures through positive introduction

STAR Puppy 102 
Suggested for pups 6-12mos new to training or grads from 101 class

  • Shaping Obedience behaviors and developing social skills
  • Operant conditioning and proofing learned obedience skills
  • Begin Focus obedience
  • Non training tips and behavior plan for puppy parents to create a confident balanced dog
  • Pre Canine Good Citizen behaviors introduced and STAR Puppy test offered
  • Perch work and other games introduced for training fun with your pup

Beginner Obedience
Just under 1 year old-any age adult dog

  • Designed for dogs that have not had any formal puppy training or are new to the family
  • Foundation skills for shaping behavior through positive reinforcement and operant conditioning
  • Handler skills developed to mark and reward behavior and developing consistant training methods
  • Introduction and discussion of various training equipment and why it may or may not be best for your dog
  • Introduction of Canine Good Citizen behaviors with social and duration skills
  • Assistance and suggestions for developing an adequate mental and physical exercise plan for your dog based on his strengths and enjoyment.

Novice/Canine Good Citizen Prep Course

  • Introduction and practice for all 10 test areas for the Canine Good Citizen evaluation
  • Mock test your dog to see if ready before testing on week 6 and trouble shoot any gaps in training

Novice/Beginner Novice Prep for trial drop in training
Novice/Companion Dog Prep for trial drop in training
Rally Introduction Class
Rally Novice Level 1 Course prep
Rally Novice Level 2 Course prep
Rally Advanced 1 Course prep
Rally Advanced 2 Course prep

Introduction to Canine Nosework Seminar followed by optional 4 weeks scent lab

  • The Scent Lab NW Intro + classes
  • NW 1 Transition out of the Lab
  • NW 2 Honing K9 indication and handler skills
  • NW 3 ORT Prep
  • NW 4 Trial Prep Level 1 & 2 Containers
  • NW 5 Trial Prep Level 2 & 3 Containers and Objects w/ distractions
  • NW 6 Trail Prep Level 4
  • NW 7 Exteriors and Vehicles

All Nosework classes are semi private and are 5 weeks Handlers are encouraged to watch other teams. You learn as much watching as you do working your own dog.